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Originally Posted by Aaron008R View Post
So you're basically playing Arkanoid with the 'blocks' being the girls' Barrier Jackets?! What part of this game exactly denotes 'bind' breaker? This is more like strip Arkanoid!

I can already imagine the number of PSP owners getting hauled off to jail.
Actually the First stage is basically breaking off a bind spell casted on them. But's just 'breaking' the barrier jacket, which ends up with them being in a swimsuit...I think...Not going to question it. It's definitely a NSFW type thing morally and not good while in public...

As a note, each of the add-ons available on Japanese PSN gives you the character you downloaded. For the free one from Lyrical Box Nanoha A's Portable. It's Nanoha, on the Japanese PSN it's Fate, coming soon is Hayate-chan.

-also noticed that Aaron008R had a Kamen Rider Decade moment as a Narutaki parody- lol

Well, in general, I'm a little curious who else they'll give for the Vinette Clock/Bind Breaker/Custom Theme options after Hayate-chan.

As a note: I remember there being a Shuffle's game just like this earlier, same concept, only thing you got out of it was a risque wallpaper. So I'm not surprised they did this, though probably most people here would have preferred StrikerS version of this game.
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