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Originally Posted by goombas View Post
I tried downloading the Catalog Binder and running it on my PSP and it STILL won't work for me. >.<'''

The thing keeps crashing my PSP.

Hayate22, was there anything special you had to do to run the catalog binder when you installed it?(certain UMD in drive, etc) Also, what firmware PSP were you using?
Okay first of all my PSP has the latest firmware available so it'll always work with whatever I'm attempting. Mine I think is 6.20 right now. Also I'm using a PSP 3000.

Second, the Catalog Binder requires the 'game data' that is the Nanoha DLC and the Fate DLC. Best way is to download the Catalog Binder first and install that on your PSP, and then get Nanoha's and Fate's DLC. If you can only get Fate's DLC, it should be fine...maybe...I'm not sure about that yet. If you managed to get all three of them. You should see three separate 'game data' icons on your PSP's XMB in your memory card. Two should be in white while one is in pink. You should be able to use it then.

I'm assuming you are using a non-cracked PSP. All you are technically missing is the Nanoha DLC or the Fate DLC. Just update your firmware to the latest one. First, make sure the PSP system is activated to your Japanese account that it can run games downloaded from the Japanese PSN. Second install the Nanoha DLC or the Fate DLC after your install the Catalog Binder. After that, it should run properly.

I didn't do anything special. It was all normal steps. Download, install the game data as usual and run it.

What I'm assuming for the moment is that the Catalog Binder can't run without one of the two DLCs or both. They're dependant on the other from what I can guess. The Catalog Binder requires the DLC in order to work. And the DLC can't run on it's own without the Catalog Binder. EDIT: Confirmed it. The Nanoha DLC gives all Nanoha character related items as well as movies itself, same with the Fate DLC. The Catalog Binder is in a sense just a simple program that reads and accesses from the 'data' file which are the Nanoha DLC and Fate DLC. So you'll definitely need everything you can get.

Run through these steps:
1. Make sure your PSP uses the latest official Firmware
2. Make sure you are using a Japanese PSN account, that is also currently the one you are using as well as being the account that is validating the PSP system to run PSN downloaded games.
3. Download Catalog Binder first and install.
4. Download Nanoha DLC and install
5. Download Fate DLC and install
6. Run the Catalog Binder (the pink one)

It should work. If you still have problems. Then it might either be one of a few things.

One, you might be using a cracked PSP which might have a programming bug or glitch that prevents you from using it, or the cracked Firmware is not up to date yet. Cracked Firmware is generally still behind the latest Firmware which the latest games tend to need alot.

Second, which is least to happen, you might have a hardware problem which now showed up.

Third, bad initial installation by installing out of order. Just reinstall it in the order I specified.

Fourth, if none apply and still has a problem. Please specify how it does not work. Either does it say via a Japanese message preventing you from being able to or just simply crashing outright after activating game. Also please specify what kind of PSP you are using, there might be hardware incompatabilities. Though in general it should be able to use on all PSP systems.
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