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I disagree with you all.
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Originally Posted by Vallen Chaos Valiant View Post
He wish it was a blessing. But the fact is they were giving this "reward" for a price they did not even know of.

It's like someone giving me a million dollars and say "on, by the way, accepting this money means you need to do something for me. I will tell you want it is later".
Except instead of a measly one million dollars, it's the life of your sister that no human doctor on Earth could save.

Himari's new life isn't free. The worst thing is we don't actually know what the price is going to be, and that's scary. Especially since her continued existence needs to be maintained... This means at any time, Himari can become dead again if the Princess is so inclined.
All the more reason to show more hustle. Being curious, even suspicious about what's happening is one thing. I wouldn't blame him for wanting to get away with as little damage as possible. But what he's doing is dragging his feet instead of clinging to the miracle as hard as he can.
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