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Originally Posted by Amata Sora View Post
My bad I phrased that wrong I should have used infatuated ? I cant think of the correct way to say...... :P
However the 'Little time" is because poor writing ,even though they are the main ship for the series, they didnt spend enough time developing the relationship when the entire series was 26 episodes,( I've seen most anime relationships done in 12 ) because they focused on Yunoha, Jin, Andy, and MIX in the entire second half.Plus, whenever they had a good moment, Kagura appears to kidnap her therefore ruining said moment. Also I dont really think she is showing interest in Kagura THAT way. We dont know exactly what she was going to tell Amata before leaving. Her initial interest in Kagura ( same for Amata ) was because she felt a strange sense of deja vu, and everytime he kidnaps her what does she try to do?
I cant really see that as romantic interest, but of course you never said the interest was "romantic"
(sorry if all this came of as rant, I'm just passionate )
Which is the point, poor writing ruined the main ship long before the series started kicking the crap out of Zessica for no good reason at all. As for the kidnapping, she only tried to run the first time. When Kagura beat up Amata for the 100th time and took Mikono she didn't struggle at all or try and run.

The only one that can save Evol now is Terada and the Super Robot Wars team. If they can sidestep the Code Geass ending and drop all the love ships and just focus on the Lelouch x Kallen happy ending ship without drawing fire from the rabid shippers of the other girls than they can fix this. They even gave Shinji a pair of balls without drawing fire from anyone, not even from the staff of Evangelion.

Anyway, the final episode is tomorrow correct? I guess we can finally put this behind us... A month or so later after reflecting on why this ship sunk.
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