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Originally Posted by Chaos2Frozen View Post
Might just be the colouring/lighting.
Better be not, or else Accel won't have anything to make fun of him

Accel : You unoriginal bastard! Aren't Wings enough for you? Now you're stealing other people's hair color!
Kakine : deal with it punk!! That's my way of saying that I'll take your place!

Originally Posted by Acer View Post
Not that, I said before that if I had more courage and less crazy world I would bet my anal chastity that she would be placed on the cover along with Touma. The reason for this would be because of differences between sales vol 3 the rest. So it is very good is wrong.
Worry not! The simple mention of her name is more than enough to attract fanboys!
As for your anal chastity, sorry about that, I hope it won't be too painful.
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