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Originally Posted by Arimfe View Post
From some of your previous posts it seems you understand that higher filsize can allow higher quality. But then why is it you keep trolling with this "big files=bad" attitude?
I don't think a desire for smaller files constitutes "trolling." What have I said, exactly, that was inflammatory?

I think you may be reacting a little too strongly to this thread. I haven't yelled at anyone nor have I gone out of my way to insult anyone. I'm hardly ranting and I'm not launching any kind of accusations or judgement on anyone. I disagree with a decision that some people have made. Disagreement is not trolling.

Ultimately, we all want smaller files. If we want bigger files, it's only because we want something out of it, like higher quality images. However, I think we can all agree that smaller file sizes are better. For instance, if you have two movies that appear to be of equal quality but one was smaller than the other, wouldn't you take the smaller one? What if making the file bigger didn't add any noticeable quality? Would you still want bigger file? Obviously anime encodes aren't anywhere near this but I think the desire for smaller files is understandable...

Higher quality does not equal slower car, in any way.
h.264 is analogous to the "more powerful engine" and the "slower" car is analogous to a larger file. It was hyperbole. You can let it go...

H264 can help for higher quality.
Bigger filesize can help for higher quality.

You know there exist people who want to keep the fansub scene forever chained at a certain quality level as to not allow fansubs to rival DVDs. But then there are also people who wants to release fansubs at highest possible quality. For the sake of promoting the series and its creators or for the sake of their groups image or for their own satisfaction or for the sake of fansub downloaders...etc. Whatever reason they may have for wanting higher quality, why can't you just accept that?
Well, it depends on what you mean by "accept." I accept that they're doing it but I disagree with the decision. Are you asking why I don't just arbitrarily agree and be happy with whatever decision is made? Maybe because I'm not Britney Spears?
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