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Originally Posted by Bot1 View Post
i really think that you put that we there too easily. its fine that you have an opinion but don't think that we all want smallers filesizes just because you do.
If you read my post in context, you will see that I use the word "we" quite fairly. In the same way we all want to be happy (what most will consider a fair assumption), we all want smaller file sizes. Some of us care more about image quality, and I've acknowledged that, but as I have pointed out, all other things being equal, we'd prefer the smaller file size. That's the context that you're missing...

If you want a larger file size with no gain associated with it, that's just out of some bizarre personal neurosis...

Alsothe argument that h264 needs a fast system to be decoded is old and outdated i really with people would just drop it.
While I generally agree with your claim here, I should point out that even my P4 3.0GHz system can't decode HD h.264 properly...

However, almost everyone can decode SD h.264...
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