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Originally Posted by Kyu410 View Post
Although Orochimaru is one of my favorite characters. I don't believe that he could own Konoha again. I mean its just him, Kabuto , and Sasuke and I don't think Sasuke will be back in Konoha for a while.

Don't forget that Orochimaru is the leader of Sound village.

I think people get the wrong idea about that situation. Oro, Kabuto and Sasuke have been going to safe houses periodically.

It makes it seem like it was just the 3 of them, but it was never stated that Oro lost all of his ninja henchmen in the Sound/Sand vs. Leaf battle.

Alot of people complained about the logic of where that ninja army that Sasuke defeated came from.

Maybe they were Sound ninja he was practicing on. Or maybe they were captive ninja Oro was keeping capture for such an occasion. How did they get there?

Perhaps he stored them in scrolls to use when needed.

Oro's lairs are not heavily guarded so clearly there are not Sound ninja living with them to patrol but he does appear to hold people like this Suigetsu captive, therefore Kabuto and Sasuke were not the only people in the lair with Orochimaru.
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