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Originally Posted by Sazelyt View Post
To save the world from his cursed lifestyle and bloodline, he should die with his brother, to put a definite end to all Uchiha related conflicts.
I think he will just become a wandering vagabon.

But he did state that one of his ambitions was to revive his clan. So he may settle down, have a family and ressurect the Uchiha through his direct descendants.

He does seem to take great pride in the clan and some of that feeling may be in defiance of his brother thinking himself above the clan, so reviving it may be to spite his brother for destroying it.

I don't know if he will return to Konoha, certainly not until Itachi is dead, even if they could help him. He has chosen a dark path, devoid of companionship to focus on killing Itachi.

If he dies in his battle with Itachi that likely does not matter. His revenge takes precedence over anything.

He may try to become more relaxed after his vengeance but I think that the darkness in his heart will consume him too greatly for him to ever return to village life.

Worse yet, he power could consume him and he becomes truely evil like Itachi. But I think we all know that in the end, at the most crucial moment, Naruto will cause him to have a change of heart about his dark path.
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