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Sasuke is a dull, stoic, boring character. He has been the same forever. he has a stagnant personality, and his goals are dull and not very interesting. I don't see why he is so popular with the personality of mud. Which is why I wonder what Kishimoto is doing.
lol, I can definitely see why someone might look at it that way. Personally though, I like Sasuke for the same reasons I like Neji and Itachi; they're all arrogant strategists, and have a certain regal air about them. These types of characters usually end up having the best fights (the type of fights I enjoy anyway), and it creates very funny scenes when they interact with a character(s) like naruto. I can also see why people may view the Uchiha arc as dull & morbid, however the plot is what really intrigued me; so I really didn't mind the lack of humor.

I understand where you're coming from though, since usually, in this type of manga, a character like Sasuke would only be used to "spice n up" the story, very similar to the way Sesshomaru was used in Inyuasha. He would only be included occasionally, and the plot would rarely revolve around him since he didn't have much of a personality either; like Sasuke. And, out of curiosity, I read a couple chapters of the "One Piece" manga... If you're a big fan of that type of manga, then I think I can understand why you'd probably hate the Uchiha arc lol.
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