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Originally Posted by ShadowAssasin View Post
And, out of curiosity, I read a couple chapters of the "One Piece" manga... If you're a big fan of that type of manga, then I think I can understand why you'd probably hate the Uchiha arc lol.
Don't say that . I am a huge fan of One Piece, but I liked the Uchiha arc just fine (in fact, I felt it did not go far enough in terms of emotional upheaval, etc). Simply liking a more adventure oriented manga (which, in its defense, has some of the most over-the-top tragic (easily equal if not greater than Gaara or Sasuke's past) background stories for several of its main character (one of the character's father figure had to eat his own leg just to survive starvation, how fucked up is that...and that is one of the lower level tragic backgrounds )) doesn't mean that you can not also like more dramatic stories.

Spoiler for slight spoilers:
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