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Simply liking a more adventure oriented manga doesn't mean that you can not also like more dramatic stories.
Oh I know (since I generally enjoy both myself), thats why I said "probably": If someone was a big fan of one piece, I could see why they'd "probably" be disappointed with the Uchiha arc, especially after reading the more comical themed part I.

I've seen the one piece manga being compared to naruto more than once in regards to this very subject, so I was curious to see what people were talking about; I thought "maybe this manga will be good, and I can read something else while I'm waiting for new naruto chapters..." Anyway, from what I've read, and without going too much into it (characters were drawn too silly and acted stupid etc.), this particular comedy/adventure manga isn't for me.

Originally Posted by james3wk View Post
Naruto's development is slow, but constant. Sasuke's development is forceful and sporadic. This has always created a dissonance for me, that keeps me away from actually liking Sasuke, but rather being neutral to him.
Yeah, I agree with you here 100%; and Sasuke's character isn't the only one that has suffered this way. However, I've been doing a pretty decent amount of research about being a Mangaka and the workloads & deadlines they must endure/meet. From what I've seen so far, it can be quite daunting; (especially in regards to time vs. new plot development) which is why I might seem too forgiving to the author at times. Either way, generally, with all things considered, I feel the author has been doing an exceptional job.
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