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Originally Posted by james3wk View Post
Rurouni Kenshin spent about 3-6 months solely focused on non-Kenshin storylines (this was later, during the Revenge Arc, where Sonousuke, Enshi, Karou, and Yahiko all had arcs of some size while Kenshin just kind of hung out somewhere).

Most recently, Vagabond took a year off from the main character (Musashi Miyamoto) and focused on his eventual rival Sasaki Kojirou. Addmitedly, mangaka Takehiko Inoue is a far better storyteller than Kishimoto, so this switch (I should say these switches, considering a new Sasaki arc has started) was all part of the story and was masterfully done.

Spoiler for slight spoiler:
Yea I'm just really disappointed by the way Kishi handled it. I never really noticed that too much in Vagabond, the transition was really good.
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