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Just finished watching Victory!

Katejina(the lovely Psycho), Uso(the mushroom-cut Daredevil) and Shakti(the Angel who gets everyone killed) are my favorite characters. I particularly like Shakti's voice.

What the heck happened to Katejina at the end? She's lost her memories and eyesight?(she wanted to go to Woowig though, how/why would she do that?)

And Shakti was not at all surprised when she saw her and I'm suspicious why she didn't tell Uso about her afterwards.
Would have been great if she lived with Uso & Shakti.

Is this the only show with mass-produced Gundams? Other than GX(but not in current story)?

I really disliked the combining/docking of the G-parts. The times it Failed outweighed the times it actually would actually make sense(ex.replacing damaged parts while in battle).
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