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Originally Posted by mystogan View Post
she might not be strong and is a scaredy cat but i don't think she is uninteresting
I was ok with that at first, but she was too static and didnt change. Thats when it got boring. But none of the main 4 change in the show, so thats no surprise.

I actually liked her at first b/c she tells everyone to practice. But then everyone stopped listening to her and she ended up just nagging, bleh.
Originally Posted by kenjiharima View Post
Do you think this is an omake appearance of Mio in Tamako MArket ep.3?

Possibly, but the design there is a little too generic to tell by itself i think. Its just long black hair with blunt cut fringe on a generic head with an eye color I cant see.

Was there some other hint, like a bass or something?
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