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Originally Posted by animefan36 View Post
Hey guys, ive been reading so far only the LN series of SAO

WEB chaps supposed to be created into the LN series or much like futuristic events, since ive been reading most of the awesome summaries u guys been making. Just really curious??
The original Sword Art Online was the WEB chapters, yes. After Kawahara won the LN competition by writing Accel World, he was asked to take down the WEB chaps in exchange for republishing SAO as LN form and as anime.

So far, the WEBs have been reproduced in the LNs with 99% faith. I didn't actually read it, and this is a big assumption, but there has been little to no furore over any changes from WEBs to LN/anime. If there are any.

The changes so far were mainly the removal of 16.5, because kids can buy the LN too, remember. And in Alicization, LN's V11 now, the WEBs put it as a
Spoiler for Warning. Do you hate NTR?:
while the LNs retconned this into a
Spoiler for Well, not so bad, but spoiler is spoiler:

The main change many are expecting is how Alicization is closed. Kawahara finished writing by the time he was asked to republish, but chapters 7 and 8 are so long, he could use some professional editing. Also, his battle scenes were pretty bad, IMO. A rewrite should do it more good. Not to mention that he might insert some side stories in chronologically.

Furthermore the rewrite also allows him to go back and clean up any mistakes he made.

At this point, the vast majority of us are all hanging onto the English translation of V11 at Baka Tsuki, while the lucky minority who have the WEBs in original Japanese or can read the Chinese translations are giving out the spoilers. Pat Flere on the back, please.

If you've read all the spoilers, congratulations! Now you're on the same page as all of us and none of us have much of a clue on where to go on.

We're basically sitting back and waiting for V11 to confirm V12's content or for the Chinese translatiors to finish WEBs chapter 8.

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