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The dynamics of the main two heroine have been laid bare and it definitely paints a troubling picture for one particular side. This is my opinion on the matter anyhow:

Yozora is so fixated in the past that she never bothers looking into the future. She doesn't want to form bonds deeper than a superficial one, as she said in the episode, yet she seems to want something deeper with Kodaka no matter what, showing just that one moment of hypocrisy in her own belief and being firm about it the rest of the way. If she doesn't change that, she'll end up crashing and burning some day. No man is an island and all that.

Sena, on the other hand, thinks of the past as a learning experience and what's more important to her is the future. What has been done in the past is the past, and she wishes to learn from every mistake she could (not much progress because of her steep preferences and stubbornness in certain things), and while that can be quite positive, it's just a mere outlook. An outlook like that only manages to swerve Sena away from the dark path Yozora is clinging to. In essence, though, Sena has developed in character much more than Yozora did, a kind of parallelism to their outlook because the future is forever changing, adjusting, and strengthening with each action of the present and past (Sena managed to reverse her and Yozora's role in the argument in this episode, right?), while the past stays rooted to what it was since it had become what it was: unchanging.

So in a nutshell: Sena is the future, Yozora is the past.

Final note: I think this Betty & Veronica discussion, to use the TvTrope term for lack of a better one, has been done to death in other threads, but I'll still mention my piece either way as evidenced here.
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