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Need some manga recommendations...

Well, It's been a while since the last time I'm here, so I guest I try a fresh (re)start by asking for some manga recommendations here...

Until recently, I'm rarely read manga so I'm a bit lost here. What I'm looking for is some good romance manga, either serious or comedic is OK, as long as there's some good heart-warming or tear-shedding scenes in there. Cute girls also a big plus.

Recently I've been reading Prunus Girl and Koe de Oshigoto that "ressurected" my interest in manga that have been dormant since I'm enrolled in university (maybe because I don't have time for that, only watching anime and playing eroge...).

So please put of some of your recommendations here. Licensed or unlicensed, completed or ongoing is no problem!

And, as usual, many thanks before!

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