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Originally Posted by Ulquiorra View Post
You would hope Gai is standing besides that Nara guy. Cause Kabuto is probably going to send a couple zombies his way. I am beginning to think Gaara's and not Kakashi's division is the strongest on the field. At least for plot purposes. Maybe because of Lee and Sakura not doing anything, but Kakashi's division doesn't seem as interesting now that they are actually fighting.

If Zabuza and Mangetsu are the strongest swordsmen, then they aren't that great to begin with. Kakashi's division will rally and find a way to win. We still have much stronger opponents like Akatsuki, Hanzou, Jinchuuriki, Kages, and whatever Kabuto pulls out of his butt behind them. Even the Konoha group are probably individually stronger than each swordsmen. So the 7 swordsmen are more of a Quirky Mini boss Squad. I wouldn't be shocked if Kishimoto drags out a few more groups like this to pad the manga.

Plot protected from death. But not injury. I could see Kakashi dodging and getting cut. It wouldn't be a true Kakashi fight without him being in peril.
That is very true considering Zabuza is not that strong at all. Mangestu was said to have mastered all of the sword though so i'm still holding out some hope for him. You can't be that weak if you mastered all 7 of the swords can you unless Suigetsu was just being fanboy when he was talking about his older brother.
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