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It smells, but it seems the summoned swords will find their way into the real world. I don't see why Suigetsu should talk about them in detail if it wasn't for the fact that he'd soon lay his hands on these swords. Besides, the sword called "Twin" was not summoned (or they were not able to summon it).
I got the idea that this is Huozuki Mangetsu's sword and that it can copy the other swords by crossing blades.

In my opinion, Zabusa is very strong but has not been shown to be that strong in comparison to other characters. It's a fact that we have witnessed a totally different and increased meaning of strength in Naruto Shippuuden/ part 2. Even characters from the first part have increased dramatically and I'm not talking about the new generation here, even Itachi, Kisame, Jiraiya and Kakashi were totally different from before. Compare the old Kakashi to the new one and add the Demon Zabusa power, then you will come close to knowing how strong he is.

Besides, we have to consider that they are a team and from one generation. They are no mixed characters, they are the prodigies who have survived the Battle Royale of the Hidden Mist and they've become the embodiment of the Mist's power. Then again I think it's a stupid mix. There was that team Zabusa-Haku and on the other hand the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist. Zabusa is the only link between them as Zabusa met Haku after he had left the village.

Interesting is that we now know that Zabusa might not be a criminal but a hero as he is known for an attempt to kill the Mist's leadership - which also means that he has seen through Madara, doesn't it?

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So yeah, this guy.

Is Kishi hiring five-year-olds to work on his manga now?
That's Gerard Depardieu xD


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