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Originally Posted by solidguy View Post
omg how retarded does kishi think we are. "An unforgivable evil intent , zabuza ignores haku and moves to cut down kakashi". WTF. Didnt he just show a page with 7 people getting blown to kingdom come, and regenerate. Who gives a shit if he ignores haku and cuts him, he can fucking regerenate it all back. If i was in zabuza's position and haku was my MOTHER id still have no problem. Geez, am i the only one ticked off at this....retardedness?
Those lines full of !!! and ??? at chapters's ends are typically added by Shounen Jumps editors, you can safely ignore them.
Originally Posted by Shiryuu View Post
Alliance already killed them once. Don't know why the they even allow the swordmen to move. They can just keep obliterating them, then seal them when they least expect it. Not like they can't just pick up their weapons afterwards.
They can't see them. That's why the priority is Zabuza, as long as he is operational his Mist no jutsu covers the battlefield and the Alliance can't use their number efficiently.
Originally Posted by Aurora
Interesting is that we now know that Zabusa might not be a criminal but a hero as he is known for an attempt to kill the Mist's leadership - which also means that he has seen through Madara, doesn't it?
Considering Zabuza is seen as the embodiment of the cruelty and evil of the old ways of the Blood Mist I'd say that's unlikely.
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