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Originally Posted by Yukiko-chan View Post
Hye is there any Shoujoai fan fics around here?? I so want Nanoha and fate together.Yuuno sucks lol its no wonder he was cut off from strikers as of now,I think Fate and Nanoha wouldmake a good couple and they are officially a couple to us shoujoai fangirls after watching ep3's bed scene.

It was so ,How was your day today dear,like them
Oh dear another NxFer. Well there is, plenty in fact. For me I'd support anything that's in canon, but I'm still clinging to the hope that Yuuno's waiting for a comeback. That bed scene could have gone either way IMO. I'd only give up on NxY during the official NxF engagement, cos the animators decided to keep us all hanging in the air with the world-changing StrikerS. Drop by the epi threads and you see just how many question marks are there, along with the vast number of spoofs and paranoia that really should go into a fic for keeps. ^^

Alas "the Paranoia of (Mage Name)" has been taken, otherwise I'd do one of Yuuno while doing research stumbles upon Animesuki forums. I wonder when Chaos is going to bang out that second book.

Originally Posted by BPHaru View Post
I'm with you, we need more NanohaxFate.

There are some good fics in, you must try these:
Fate's Secret Love
In Between

There are more in the web.

Ah those have great storytelling, but alas I don't agree with the premise. Nevertheless they are good stories. That's freedom of thought for you.

Originally Posted by Saint X View Post
and on additional notes, please...

don't let the Nanoha category in run wildly into the current day state of the CCS section - whether NF,NY or whatever, please don't let it run in that direction

and on a side note, more action packed fics are a must as well...

*more trigger happiness haha*

*more worlds destroyed and more people cowering in fear lol*

*points to action related works in the category*

*looks in the web for the best and worst of nanoha fanfiction*
We already have the worst, but its mostly due to the author...

Anyway it does seem that animesuki has much control over the FFnet Nanoha fics. Probably explains why we're getting swamped by NxF. I mean, at the SG forum a local otaku club set up the opinions were vastly different.

*thinks a little more*

Okay most of them wanted Fate to be paired with them, esp when they think of a certain mana charging procedure... *pleads guilty*

Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
^ Or you can have more Sleeping Lyrical
Yeah well then the Lyrical crew really has to start running faster if all the authors start grabbing them for their twisted worlds.

*imagines cries of "hanaste! hanaste!" and drools*

Originally Posted by Yukiko-chan View Post
Uh... I was under the impression that those were fan-made doujins like the all-influencing 4komas. I didn't get the drama cds cos they are in Jap and I wouldn't catch a word, so I can't be sure about this but, are you sure that came with the drama CD?

*apologies in advance in case I'm wrong*


@authors working hard: Good luck, and WORK FASTER I'M DYING OF ANTICIPATION!

PS: I'm trying to too...
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