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Spoiler for Ichigo's New Bankai:

And just when I thought kubo couldn't draw anything more BA...

Anyway, bad-assery aside, I was disappointed that Ichigo didn't have a usual revelation with zangetsu inside his world, before he could use ban-kai. I love hearing from that old man (or rather tensa-zangetsu, love that young kid...). Maybe I'll get some of that later when he needs to power up more to defeat some super enemy and blah blah blah...

Interesting how Ichigo knew all along that he was being deceived by Ukitake but apparently he was just suppressing it in his subconscious. Hey what's the worst that can happen? (I'mmm a tumorrrr, I'm a tumor, oh I'm a tumor I'm a tumor I'm a tumor, oh oh I'm a tumor).

I'm lost on how Ginjo is able to use ban-kai, and be a substitute shinigami at that, since all he can do is fullbring? But apparently he has a shikai and ban-kai? What? So fullbring = being a shinigami?
It would make sense that he is only able to use ban-kai because he stole ichigo's powers, but that explanation is doused by the fact that Ginjo became a substitute shinigami long before he even met ichigo... so does that mean he is a shinigami that can also do fullbring? I guess what I'm confused on is where is the line between being a fullbringer and being a shinigami.

Anyway, that's my two cents.
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