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The following red truths are from the VN that were used in the anime, but since I can't exactly bring a pin point accurate translation to these, I will just leave notes to mention if there was any change or not.

-when I speak the truth, I will use red. (different in the anime)

-Regardless of whether they were living or dead, the six people definitely entered through the door. (very slight variation)

-Only one key to the chapel exists (exactly the same)

-It is impossible to unlock the lock to the chapel without the chapel's key (they added something)

-That which was inside the envelope I entrusted Maria with, was definitely the key to the chapel (exactly the same)

They skipped the following red statements:
-When the door to the chapel is locked, it prevents any and all methods of entry or exit

-Six people definitely entered through 'this front door'

-This morning, Rosa definitely took an envelope out of Maria's handbag, and thereby obtained the genuine key to the chapel

-The letter that I handed over to Maria and the one Rosa opened are the same thing

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