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Originally Posted by Quzor View Post
Fossil Skeleton from Africa Predates Lucy

Some pretty interesting comments on this one, courtesy of Slashdot. Apparently this is big news again, despite the fact that the skeleton was discovered in the 90's, because scientists are finally trying to make some assertions about evolution based on this skeleton. Only time will tell where that leads...
They're not "finally trying to make some assertions"... they've been staring at it and *analyzing* it for all those years to make damn sure they weren't off-base about their analysis.

Also, often solutions to enigmas are found in data we've long had in our hands but that no one had money or time to look at. Sometimes it takes the right person to look at it (like when we finally started getting sophisticated cross-discipline research in dinosaurs that blew up the amateurish conceptions of early paleontologists).
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