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Mexico makes record drugs seizure

A total of 37 tonnes were confiscated in two separate raids in different parts of the country.

Mexico, one of the world's leading producers of the drug, says the seizure represents a blow to organised crime.

Some 20 tonnes of the psycho-stimulant drug were found on a boat entering the Pacific Coast port of Manzanillo.

A further 17 tonnes were uncovered in the city of Nuevo Laredo, close to the border with Texas.
Bad news.. It sounds as though a lot of people in the underworld of Mexico and the United States are most likely extremely upset and angry, who knows what will happen afterwards.. The current number of casualty over Mexican drug cartels is only around 1600 but now that 37 tonnes of meth had gone missing, the demand and supply of the chemical substance will be messed up or rather to say, the gunfights are going to get worse as that there has become a lack of meth.

Pair jailed over car cocaine deal

Kenny later confessed the cocaine had been cut on his kitchen table and that he, along with another unknown man, had taken it to Belfast for which he was paid 500.
The economy must be pretty awful in Northern Ireland. Who would traffick cocaine for 500 euros only? *facepalm* By the way, that tattoo looks pretty cool!! Hope the poor guy won't get the death penalty as that he seems to be in poor financial shape to have pull that off..

Mafia bribed Montreal airport customs agent

On Wednesday, a Quebec court judge ruled that Nancy Cedeno, 34, was guilty of accepting money at the Montreal Trudeau International Airport, in exchange for providing drug dealers with confidential information on bag searching procedures.
I wonder how much money the bribe was.. After all, don't employees of airport customs earn quite a lot of money a year..?

Raid targets Puerto Rico drug gang

With assault rifles slung over their shoulders, officers in riot gear raided the complex where reputed ringleader Angel Ayala Vazquez grew up and allegedly built a drug empire that shipped thousands of kilograms of cocaine to the U.S. mainland.
Assault rifles.. Riot gear.. Sounds so much like a mission in Afghanistan..

Italy Tax Amnesty Poised to Pass; Opposition Says It Aids Mafia

An amendment removing the obligation to report bank clients suspected of money laundering, extinguishing possible charges of false bookkeeping, and extending the amnesty to shareholders in foreign companies was approved in a confidence vote yesterday. The so-called tax shield faces its final vote today.

“We must be realistic,” Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said yesterday. “This money will help sustain economic growth.”
New York police arrest 18 mafia suspects

"These defendants not only allegedly operated a highly organized criminal enterprise, but actually attempted to infiltrate and corrupt the NYPD to protect themselves and their profits," said New York state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.
It seems that not everybody agrees with the Italian prime minister when it comes to sustaining economic growth.

The Italian prime minister sure knows how to sustain economic growth..

Int'l school principal, husband nabbed on marijuana smuggling

The principal of the kindergarten-junior school of the International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo and her husband have been arrested on suspicion of smuggling marijuana into Japan from the United States, Tokyo police said Friday. Shirley Lane, 59, who lives in Tokyo, allegedly had her 62-year-old husband Thomas send a parcel containing 5.9 grams of marijuana to her in late September from Florida.

The marijuana was found by customs officers at Narita airport near Tokyo. The international school in the Sacred Heart school group said Shirley Lane arrived in Japan to take the post last August. Yvonne Hayes, the headmistress of the international school, told reporters Friday she was so shocked she did not know what to say.
What..? Just 5.9 grams and they are in trouble!?

This is obviously not drug smuggling but personal use. Its tough being a school principal nowadays, especially a kindergarten. Nonetheless, some people just take cannabis a little too seriously, even though it doesn't have any negative health effects. However, I wouldn't call it a natural health product either, even though this is the impression I am getting from all the pro-marijuana supporters.

My former sociology professor used to lecture that people in Netherlands always smoke cannabis on family gatherings at least once a week as that the people there consider the grass to be somewhat of a natural health product. It is also known that some European countries encourage the use of marijuana and proves that it is perfectly safe to do so. Speaking of which, somewhere in Amtersdam.. A huge street allows the legal sales of heroin, cocaine, and other chemical substances. The places that sell them are government-operated. However, if you take any of the products sold there outside of the street, it is considered as illegal. Otherwise, it is perfectly okay. I guess this is one of the reasons why the Netherlands are not suffering from a faltering economy, they have extra income...

Man jailed for car theft on date

After a restaurant meal, Terrance McCoy said he left his wallet in the woman's car, asked for the keys and drove off, AP reported, quoting the woman.
What the...!?

People work hard to win a date with a girl but this guy works hard to perform grand theft auto..
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