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Lisa Ono, Queen of Bossa Nova

Following up voice actress (seiyuu) Mayumi Suzuki's beautiful voice as the Japanese language Ariel in Disney's The Little Mermaid with another beautiful voice from Japan...

A sorta Brazilian version of Hikaru Utada*, singer/songwriter Lisa Ono (小野リサ, Ono Risa) was born in 1962 in São Paulo, Brazil, home to the largest community of Nikkeijin (日系人; Japanese emigrants and their descendants) in the world. At the age of ten, she moved to Japan...

*Or more accurately, Hikaru Utada is sorta American version of Lisa Ono, since the latter came first.

The multilingual Lisa Ono performs a couple of Brazilian bossa nova classics in her native Portuguese (with a little English thrown in the latter song), "Só Danço Samba" with Japanese jazz great Sadao Watanabe ( 渡辺貞夫, Watanabe Sadao) and perhaps the most famous bossa nova tune of all, "Garota de Ipanema" ("The Girl from Ipanema" in English; "Ipanema no Musume" [『イパネマの娘』] in Japanese).

Lisa Ono (guitar, vocals) & Sadao Watanabe (alto saxophone) / Só Danço Samba (2007)

Lisa Ono (vocals) / Garota de Ipanema

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