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so this is a random thought thread?

first off, love death note. i think L is over rated and Kira is the coolest cat on the block.
Spoiler for death note, when l dies:

but anyways, death note, pretty awesome.

Originally Posted by kk2extreme View Post
random thoughts

i wonder what would happen if light win against near at the end, will the whole orphanage come pouring down on him? I would love to see other letters in the alphabet
it doesnt matter cuz he didn't! jk.

the thing is that the show wouldn't explain the aftermath of a whole different ending if it didn't with the regualure ending.

and the whole orphanige, probably wouldn't. they woulda figured it out and killed light, or maybe he would have just killed off the less challenging orphanige. but anyways with how crazy the show got at the end, i dought that it would have countinued if it could have(by changing the manga series) because it was just to messed up.

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Anyways I thought the way Light died was beautiful. I wish I could go out like that.
getting shot to death by your dads friends and your coworkers? and a demon in the next room letting you die by writing your name down?!?

...but it did have some nice music playing...

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