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I can't really see how that would go. "Hey, Fate, look! Your real and much better original is back! Now you can be her maid, or slave, or something. Perhaps she can teach you a thing or two on being my daughter, and maybe you can teach her how to not be a failed clone. Understand?" If anything, having Alicia would just make Fate a horrible reminder of a now-corrected past. Precia might off Fate just to be rid of that, so she can live happily with Alicia without having to come to terms with her own issues.

So, let's say that Precia lets Fate live. In that case, she certainly won't let her hang around her precious Alicia, so Fate gets banished. I'd think Fate would go to Nanoha, if only because she literally has no one else to turn to. Everything plays out like A's, although I'm sure the whole Precia thing would rear it's head somewhere. If Fate (and therefore Arf) is/are killed does Nanoha go and get revenge on Precia? What about Alicia? Precia won't feel she did anything wrong, and Alicia would think Nanoha's evil for trying to kill (or at least severely maim) her gentle mother! Ah, the ethics of cloning.
Or maybe Precia ended up somewhere where someone could actually treat her problems, and is now sane and regrets what she did to Fate.

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