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Originally Posted by SaintessHeart View Post
I see evil as a necessity and part of a balance in a societal structure because humans would never seek to explore truth if they perceive evil as non-existent.

Take the Crusades for example - both the Muslims and the Christians attempted to murder and convert each other to their religion, and the foot soldiers thought that their religion is "good". It resulted in a greater "evil" of massacres and deaths.

You can't understand something that doesn't exist. Super-entities don't, but we do know our enemies do exist. Why not try to understand them instead?

Come to think of it, rejecting the idea of God may be the first step to eliminating evil. Then again, there are some people who find "God" as their sole reason not to do evil acts, so that might not be a perfect solution at all.
inb4 the religious folks take offense.
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