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Originally Posted by Ascaloth View Post
inb4 the religious folks take offense.
That is their problem. Not mine.

Besides, it should be an interesting social experiment to anger them and drive them to shorten their lifespan. When they are gone, we shall see if the world has become worse or better. Khomieni's death allowed people like Mousavi to helm Iran for a brief period, so maybe the death of Khamieni and Ahmadinejad will open up Iran to moderate Islam. Then again, it may create a new Al-Qaeda when the Basij move into hiding with extremist groups like Jeemah Islamiah.

Besides, most of the religious folks I have seen are all talk and no action, or just do the bare minimum to burish their image to the public. We don't have people like Gandhi or Mother Theresa going out there to make a difference for the marginalised anymore.

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isn't that the same as saying "If i didn't have to answer for my actions in the after life, i would be perfectly willing to rape rob and murder to get whatever i want ?

thats not what i would consider a good reason to be good.
It could work that way too. I wonder sometimes if the researcher is right about empathy, or the willingness to understand another person makes for more humanitarian acts to be performed.

I am a proponent for Le Chatelier's Principle to be applied on all scales. It is either that or there is some NWO organisation running this entire world so no absolute system can be applied, and that no matter how well-crafted a policy is, someone is bound to not benefit from it.

Originally Posted by Roger Rambo View Post
We should know from the Milgram and Standford experiments that perfectly normal people can do monstrous things just by manipulating their environments. And this was under systems where there was no duress of punishment (Milgram) or everyone knew it was an experiment (Stanford). Those experiments should tell you all you need to know in why people could go along with the Holocaust.
The Milgram and Stanford experiments are indicators that people react to extreme changes in their environment drastically as it gets further and further away from their comfort zone.

However, there are people who adapt accordingly instead of breaking under duress, and some theorists have argued that it is personal psychology that acts as a shield against mental breakdown (self-confidence, belief system, etc), while others argued that there may be a genetic factor not yet discovered by the HGP.

Also, there has been a consistent result that people who adapt the most have been subjected to a slighter form of hardship previously that allow them to weather abrupt changes and not break down so easily. Or they have been broken by the previous hardship that they have been hardened.

Either way, it might be nature's way of diversifying the entire human noosphere to make each of us a mystery to another - it forces people to communicate and to understand each other.

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