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Originally Posted by GundamFan0083 View Post
A lack of Empathy?

I thought it was more a desire for power that leads people to oppress, harm, kill, and massacre other humans.
Because through those methods a person is able to force another person to do what they want them to do.
Whether it's a rapist forcing another person to have sex with them, or a leader of a country telling his citizenry how to live their lives, the reason is exactly the same--Power.
Nope, I think it is Empathy. You can't (easily) kill someone you view as a human being, you have to dehumanise them. Why do you think American propoganda portrayed the "Japs" as Monkeys, and Germans as an evil organised super-force? Make em seem less human. If your enemy are not human you can kill them.

The Germans did the same thing by portraying their enemies as inferior beings, or in the case of holocaust victims, vermin.

It's all about empathy. People aren't naturally inclined to harm others knowingly.

So the rapist decieves himself into thinking the woman "wants it", or that women are inferior (though sexuality is a bit different, people do get off on power etc.), and the reason the leader tell his people how to lead their lives, is because he truly believes he is better then them. How else could he have become leader?
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