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Originally Posted by GundamFan0083 View Post
I think you're confusing Empathy (relating to the feelings of another) with a feeling of superiority (feeling others are below you).
You can understand what another person feels and still view them as less than you are.
No if you begin to feel superior, you are putting them in another category then yourself. You are not viewing them as your equal, you may somewhat empathise them, but not fully, as your superiority will get in the way.

The Soviets did this numerous times.
Stalin (during the 5 phase plan of the 1930s) was fully aware of how the peasants felt, he just didn't give a shit and stole their land anyway because of his desire for power.
He did desire power, but the 5 year plans did not cement his power, he simply believed they were an instrument of state management, and in some cases designed to eliminate hostile elements that made the country vulnerable. The populace were tools to be used for the implementation of Socialism. Maybe individuals can justify killing based on power calculations, but you can't motivate your followers out of the same thinking. You have to make it palatable for them to kill the people in question.

For instance the concentration camps were designed to remove personal responsibility from any single individual, and at the same time, they were continually reinforced with the idea that the people they were "processing" were vermin.
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