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A 'dark' shoujo manga like Heart no Kuni no Alice?

Hi all,

I almost never touch the shoujo/reverse harem genre, but I picked up Heart no Kuni no Alice and ended up really liking it. Unfortunately, it ended far too soon... so I'm wondering if there's anything else similar out there? It's hard to specify what I liked about it, but I'll try:

1) Although it was shoujo, it was also bloody and dark. People were trigger-happy, the setting was mysterious and Alice herself had an unhappy past.
2) Despite that, the characters still had lots of warm interactions which made me laugh, sort of like Ouran high school host club, another one I've really liked.
3) Alice wasn't the typical shoujo heroine - she spoke exactly what was on her mind, didn't cry too much, got mad and occasionally hit some of the guys. O_O

That's... really not much to go off, I know. And I know about Vampire Knight already - I've read most of it, but the story got too convoluted and I wanted to kill Yuuki by the end, so I've dropped it.

If anyone knows anything good, I'd be very grateful!!
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