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Originally Posted by Solafighter View Post
You can't grow out of SR.
LOL totally agree with u buddy. I feel ya. I mean, I started watching this awesome anime back in 2006 when it first aired at my country's local station. I eventually followed it and got so hooked up!

This is one of those anime that u really cannot forget. It's OUR generation. I practically went to high school in 2006, had a handphone like the characters-no iPhone/smartphone.

The characters were born 1988-1990 and I was born in 1990.. so maybe that's why i felt that it has a strong connection with me!

Right now, I just ordered the PS2 games from Japan. It's in Japanese and I'm not too sure what I'm gonna do. But looking through the old threads, looks like someone actually played through it before without knowing Japanese! by marking stuffs-i forgot which user was it-

So I'll just play and hopefully have a great time with it.

PS:I'm learning Japanese for the sake of this game. Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana. I hate them all.
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