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Even hope will probably die soon. Especially since KJ isn't creating anything at the moment. Although I didn't follow Ichiro Heian much (it was short lived), even Natsu No Arashi was enjoyable to me (anime vers.). Now that there is absolutely nothing? I don't know what to say.

No proper season 3 will forever be an injustice in the anime world. Hope for that is long gone now. The only hope that remains is a continuation of School Rumble somehow or an anime reboot (given technology is better now too). I don't see a reboot with that ending still in place though. So really, really slim chances here.

I can't even bring myself to rewatch the series. As much as I love SR, I fear rewatching it. Not because I might view it differently now (SR is still far and away my favourite anime after all these years), but because I don't want to get caught up in it again and love it all over again and then drop it all over again.

Edit: Writing this has made me want to revisit wannabefansubs for old times sake. And so I shall.
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