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Originally Posted by senksiang90 View Post
Hey guys, anyone still hoping for a School Rumble return?
Ya I want a Sequel School rumble manga or an animated season 3 or both.

Originally Posted by senksiang90 View Post
oh yeah, btw, since Ichiro Heian! ended in May 2012, I guess it will Jin Kobayashi will be making another new series soon. I don't knw what it'll be but let's hope for something that involves Harima Kenji-College Rumble for instance. XD
Yea I agree, I'd like to see Harima-Rumble type sequel manga. KJ is free from manga duties at the moment which is positive news I think. I'm sure he has thousands of fans who still bombard him with emails and more school rumble requests. He probably does have it on his mind.

I re watched School Rumble recently and forgot how epic it is. My favorite series of all time.

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