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Originally Posted by eggplant View Post
Iwasaki Minami: Chihara Minori (Matsuki Miyu)
While my feelings are a tad mixed about the change of the voice cast, something just popped up in my mind:


Minami Iwasaki

* Birthday: September 12th
* Lives in: Tokyo Metro
* Blood Type: A
* Strong subjects: PE

Minami is a very quiet girl who does not show much emotions, hence why she is often mistaken for being cool, but she very kind at heart. She comes from a wealthy family, and her home is in the same neighborhood as Takara. She owns a very large white dog, and has a parasol in her yard. Minami was admitted to Ryōō Gakuen High School along with Yutaka who she met during the admissions exam and is also in her class; Minami is the class health officer. Afterwards, she helped Yutaka go to the nurse's office when she became sick. Once there, she gave Yutaka her handkerchief.
I just found it amusing, that's all.
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