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Originally Posted by Satsuki Yuuhi Ramius View Post
Naruto Shippuden
Bobobo-bobo-bobobo = odd. seriusly sometimes i don't understand with the story!
Originally Posted by Vegard Aune View Post
I agree 100% with this statement. Seriously, they're doing just about everything wrong. I swear, the only thing that will make me buy that show is if I find it in a bargain-bin and just happen to have a lot of money to spend or a gift-card that I don't know what to do with. The first Naruto-series before the fillers started wasn't too bad though. Still overrated, but at least it was WATCHABLE back then...

I completely agree! Completely!! Naruto Shippuden somehow lost what made Naruto fun for me. Not that I really understand what made it fun for me... It was the first anime I ever saw, so I thought it was really awesome and everything. But then I saw Shippuden and I silently cried for the poor fools who watch Shippuden only because they liked the original Naruto series. Now that I've seen a lot of anime, looking back, Naruto kind of sucked too. WWWAAAY 2 many fillers. Especially since I forced myself to watch about 20 eps. a dayyyy... And some emotional aspects of it were kind of stupid too. What the characters were crying about should have been worth crying about, but somehow, these parts made me laugh at their stupidity instead. (Perhaps I have strange taste though, Tsukuyomi Full Moon made me cry every episode even though most of it wasnt even sad)

Bobobo(on and on) just looked stupid to me. Mindless...

D.N. Angel was a fav of my friends, and I just did not understand why either. Probably because the characters were so young, and I didn't really get the plot. Not that I finished the series... That's the only series that I really started watching that I never finished. (gives me the chillls) I understood what the whole story was about, I guess, but never why I should care! I mean shouldnt an anime draw you in and make you actually care about what happens to the character? Its for your enjoyment!!

Ai Yori Aoshi made me so mad I wanted to kill the computer through all 24 episodes. (luckily i finished it in two days, start to finish.) This probably was just due to my taste, though because I realllly wanted Kaoru to end up with Tina. Or basically anyone other than STUPID AOI! I don't like shows with perfect people. Perfect people do not make an interesting story! They make a perfectly boring story! And everything was extremely predictable, there was practically no suspense, a little perverted humor here and there was the only enjoyable part of it. (not that im a pervert, the story line simply didnt entertain me.) Kaoru freaked out at like every little sign of romance, its a ROMANTIC COMEDY!!! I expected more ROMANCE!! and The show was completely generic, just like every other harem except they took out the wonderful part of harem, THE CHOICE!! THE GUY IS SUPPOSED TO HAVE TO CHOOOSE BETWEEN TONS OF WOMEN!!! But noooo he started and ended with Aoi. Sure there were tons of women who all lived in the same house as him (sounds interesting, perfect opportunity to make a great story out of betrayal!) But they were friends for life. GRRRR.... totally didnt live up to my friends recommendation. I guess its not the most popular thing, but it was enjoyed by my friends surprisingly.

I'm verry sorry for ranting, but I really feel that way about the show. And I did give an explanation y i hated it...

I am about to watch Onegai Teacher, so I'll take the advice I read on this thread and not watch Onegai Twins. Hope that lives up to the hype. I hoooopppee.....
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