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Originally Posted by Samatarou View Post
In other words, it becomes Kimikiss Pure Rouge. Somehow I'm not sure it would work. Taiga = Mao? Somewhat mindblogging! And Minori=Yuumi, Ryuuji=Kouichi.... actually the hair colour is right for all three, oddly enough. No blue haired girl in Kimikiss, but we could just about round it off with Ami=Eriko, Kitamura=Kai. Hmmm, maybe it's just crazy enough to work.... Mao's meltdown mode is not unlike Taiga at her most vulnerable after all.

Spoiler for Kimikiss:
Should you put the Kimikiss part into spoiler? Since it's spoiler after all

Not like it's going to harm anyone in this case, but i will be really mad if someone put up spoilers of what will happen in Higurashi Kai here(watching it even when it finished for ages)
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