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Well, to me they definately are portrayed as beeing superior in spirit science. The first thing they did was to found a way to completely destroy a soul and used this knowledge to fight hollows. (IIRC the only thing Shinigami had to completely destroy souls was this execution ground, that got destroyed by Ichigo at the end of the SS arc).
Ehh...the situation is kind of awkward. We were never told that shinigami don't possess the ability to completely destroy souls. We were only told that a shinigami's zanpakuto purifies a soul slain by it. So for all we know, if a hollow (for instance) is killed in any other way, their soul might also be destroyed. So things like Kido spells, fullbringer attacks, or a hollow's cero might cause the same destruction to the soul as a Quincy's technique.

Case in point, soul destruction was never something that was ever claimed to be a unique ability to Quincy's only. It's just that their numbers and their way of combat made them the biggest perpetrators of soul destruction at one time (and therefore, the biggest threat to the balance).

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They are even able to steal a Bankai, something which shouldn't really be possible and shocked everyone.
But was it ever stated to be impossible? Or was it more like throughout Soul Society's history, scientists of the research division just never had any reason to focus on developing bankai stealing technology? Besides, Juha Bach had at least a thousand years to come up with this. So the Quincy's may not necessarily possess superior scientific intellect. This could be just as much attributed to an abundance of time and perseverance.
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