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TBF we all know there's a group of guys who aren't particularily fond of Zenkichi/really, really dislike him, just like the same with Medaka annd Kumagawa too, like most characters in any story. There's no need to hide your prefference though I doubt anyone does it is fairly obvious from consistent posts.

Obviously the current divide is because of the line up in preferences, a lot of people that like Zenkichi dislike Medaka while the opposite is also true. This creates the age old fandom hating which may intensify the dislike a person has for a certain character, all captain obvious stuff.

Now I wonder where Nisio wants to go with this, the obvious answer is he's wrapping up towards an a close by end, which I wouldn't be surprised by and almost seems the most probable, but if he's not I can't really see how he's going to continue the Medaka doing random shit, Unless he wants her to blow up dangerous stars etc, I can't really see how he could make Medaka anymore ""heroic" or face against decent villains for that matter seems like she's peaked, we can hope (or at least some of us) hope the focus shifts to some of the more sidelined characters should Nisio actually want to bother continuing this thing , perhaps follow on with Aijimu's legacy of Zenkichi as the MC slayer or some Kumagawa development outside of the simply I want to win deal. Perhaps Nienami or Akune considering how he's taken murderous urges dudes spot as inexplicabale popularity in comparison to panel time ( though Akune was actually a MC so deserves it more).

Either way can't see Medaka box as we know it continuing the Nisio may decide to drag it out just for the sake of it. Sorta like after the Ajimu arc.
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