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Well, unsurprisingly I was disheartened by the trailer... and I have been pounding my fist on the table for 20+ years to see more stories about non-Force users, so I had high hopes for this film. I still have high(er) hopes, but they're diminished. The visual style is too akin to TFA, which for all of Abrams & Co.'s yammering, did not have even the slightest feel like the OT.

And for the love of God, can Stormtroopers actually be competent? Not one but two separate instances in the teaser where an individual with a melee weapon is absolutely owning multiple Stormtroopers.

This looks like Dirty Dozen in Space. I was hoping for more of a Hell is for Heroes feeling, which I guess was entirely inappropriate since I've known before the trailer that this was supposed to tell the story of the theft of the Death Star plans. I guess more waiting for me to see, if ever, a story about the average soldier or Stormtrooper.

A longer trailer will be very telling for me, like the long trailer for TFA was. A longer trailer can clear up some of my concerns or deepen them.
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