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Originally Posted by kasu1127 View Post
I apologize beforehand for grammar mistakes/awkward sounding sentences. I currently have a slight fever but at the same time I do not want to lie in bed and do nothing.

**I can’t come up with a good translation for 顔とろけてるで so I just went with “You’re truly smiling again.” I think Hayate is trying (and someone correct me if I’m wrong) to say “Your face is lit with smiles again” which sounds awkward to me in English.

And I suddenly feel bad for poor Hayate here.

I just noticed I put "tere tere" in there, which is an onomatopoeia for when you're embarrassed in a happy way, I think. Japanese sound effects make me happy and sad and I'm still wishy-washy on what to do with them when I see them in doujins.

I hope you feel better. Whenever anyone is sick, I always think of negis possibly being stuck up one's bum. -coughs- Anyhoo, I think "You're truly smiling again." sounds fine, but if there's another way to re-word it to better convey what Hayate is thinking, I'd like to hear.

Poor Hayate. I wonder how things will turn out for our trio.

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