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Originally Posted by KaneDragon View Post
Calling esper powers "science" is a stretch, though--in our universe if not in theirs. But this is getting off track.

My protest against your "humans only use 10% of their brains" stands. Did you bother clicking my link? TVTropes though it may be, that article has a good explanation. You can't expect to hold any amount of scientific credibility the moment you say that humans can live just fine with 85% of their brain (effectively) removed from their heads.

I'm not trying to apply this to this series (I know what happens next, but I don't want to post manga/novel spoilers here); I'm only bringing it up because you were applying it to real life.

Well using wiki would have given more credibility.TV Tropes isn't much fun to me and I did glance at it. Since the manga-ka is applying the same general principle/widely known misconception and used the number 15, there still is something up imo.

Applying it to "real life" is sort of what's happening here. The gist is that thru information overload Index will suffer brain damage to the extent that her autonomic functions will cease which is about as wrong as things can get. So to justify it, they do a memory erase yearly which runs a risk of causing death to Index thru secondary means. Not knowing how to survive in an environment or language issues etc. She survives this only because there are caretakers present at the time of the memory wipe to "ensure" her safety.

Look at Index at the end of this episode.

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