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Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
Well since Index's memorization is supernatural in nature shouldn't being around Touma prevent her from memorizing every single detail as was the concern?
...Er, I have a problem with that statement, but I can't say what because I'm not supposed to post novel/manga spoilers in here, even tagged. I don't want to go to the novel thread, though, because I want to avoid spoilers past where the manga has been scanlated (not much more than the first arc).

Originally Posted by FlareKnight View Post
Anyways loved the line "Apparently you see Stiyl as an enemy." Well yeah considering he almost burned the dorm down and tried to kill Touma. I don't think we're leaving the realm of expected to see Stiyl in that fashion .
I never get tired of complaining about this. I mean, seriously, Firestarter was freaking trying to kill this random kid who (as far as he knew) was just weaksauce. For no reason, except maybe lulz. Those fireballs were at the melting point of lead. That's no warning shot.
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