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Have we forgotten that Hina is only implied to have had a 'decent' life for the last year-or-so, solely on her own. She was shown crying in one of the glimpses of her younger years, and her sister was her only seeming comfort, was likely not around for several years while she was attempting to repay the debt. She knows what Hayate's life was like by empathy, something none of the other characters are shown to understand, possibly by hardening their hearts to others. Only Hina is shown to have kept a factor of emotion through her trials.
I don't recalled about when the"decent" life took place, but it doesn't really matter overall whether it's true or not, I supposed. It was natural for her to cry sometimes since she did got abandoned as a child; and, the crying happened to Hayate and Nagi as well, except for Athena as she was doing something unimaginable for a child.
I don't think Yukiji would left her sister alone, even if she were to doing those various jobs, especially not after they got abandoned by their parents. It would be absurd if Yujiki were to let that happened again.

Off tangent:
The only feeling Hayate and Hina possibly have in similar was the abandonment of their parents. However, how they felt about the matter was different, since Hayate already understood as a 16 years old and possibly realized it'll happen sooner or later whereas Hina didn't understand anything as a child. Hayate said there will be no second chance for his parents (had something to do with Athena I assume), but Hina kept on wondering why they abandoned her. I won't say Hina knows what's Hayate's life was like because she don't really know what he had gone through as a child; he was abandoned at 16 year old unlike her who's at 6 year of age, and he was working as a butler immediately.

Athena, on the other hand, knew much more than Hina what his life's like and will be like, since she actually knew what Hayate's parents were like (through the mirror) and even correctly predicted what will happen to him in the future. And she probably understood the loneliness he would felt.

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Hamster should not be included, she isn't qualified due to having a normal life in a normal household, no sadness to equal the same as the others (as of now).

In my opinion, Maria isn't really a tragic character too. She did not grow up in despair, but in luxury. She was already adopted when she was still a baby, which I doubt she would remember, so her tragic past isn't quite so tragic after all lest Maria wants to desperately see her real parents and suffer while searching for them.

[LEFT]Hina < Nagi < Athena < this is a space occupying text since there is no friggin tab button but hey the guys who run this site said f*ck me and i said hurr durr Hayate

Lol, nobody has a shittier life than Hayate himself, where the whole world takes pleasure in his despair rather than weep with him, like the girls whom we cry for so much for their past.
O darn, I was thinking from the rating of 0-10 in my head and added Ayumu for fun. Well, that was precisely why I placed Maria before Hina.

Similar case can be said for Athena since assassinations happened day and night for her where she had to deal with everything herself. At least, he still had his parents and had some hope. ^.^

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Athena cannot be tsundere since she's far too straightforward with her feelings.
I would say she is a matured tsundere, not a typical one like Nagi and Hina.

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