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Originally Posted by Jiraya2 View Post
At least, Athena is a Yangire.
Hina is most likely a tsundere while Maria is a bit devious.
And Hayate very dumb as soon as it is about maiden feelings.

IMO, Athena and Hayate had the most painful childhoods because they were alone and in dangerous situations while Hina got her sister, Nagi got Klaus, Tama, Maria, ...
Only difference in that is, when Athena weeps, the whole world weeps with her. And when Hayate weeps, the whole world laughs at him and takes pleasure at his despair.

I wonder which is going to be painful, to have shit parents that would suck the sanity out of you or have no parents at all? One might be different from the viewpoint from another but I keep wondering if Hayate and Athena exchange places.
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