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Originally Posted by zodanhko View Post
I think to be trapped in a place where you believed to be for eternity in solitude after your parents were dead as a 6 year old is unimaginable and could easily turned anyone insane. I would think that's worst or equivalence to the insanity Hayate's parents brought him through constantly lying and made used of him.

Let's say who's the unluckiest girl and unluckiest guy instead? Everybody wins except for them.

And ends this with the unluckiest girl+the unluckiest guy in the series become one lucky and happy couple.
Several other sources, both realistic and fantasy, tell us that such factors tell us that it would turn anyone insane (even adults). For an apparent young girl to have gone through it and come out unscathed means she is either insane or completely cut off from her feelings.
Her final chapter hints that she is of the latter.
Although she wasn't entirely alone.. she did have Midas around..

And Hayate is far from the unluckiest guy. He has a harem of girls fully willing to become his slaves if he asked them to.
Kotarou is probably the series' unluckiest guy
Arcion's is open for business. How would you like your hare-brained scheme?

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... Apparently there are now people in existence who are unable to use a shovel.

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