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Several other sources, both realistic and fantasy, tell us that such factors tell us that it would turn anyone insane (even adults). For an apparent young girl to have gone through it and come out unscathed means she is either insane or completely cut off from her feelings.
Her final chapter hints that she is of the latter.
Although she wasn't entirely alone.. she did have Midas around..

And Hayate is far from the unluckiest guy. He has a harem of girls fully willing to become his slaves if he asked them to.
Kotarou is probably the series' unluckiest guy
Realistically, true. Fantasy, not really. She was neither insane nor destroyed her feelings since she did keep her sanity (obvious) with her human heart. She was able love a young guy and even put his life above hers, and she still had feelings for her dead parents which indicated by her anger to Hayate's statement of "Because you have no parents." What it means was she was able to endure those pain as Ikusa stated.

Technically, she was alone. But really, having Midas around is either nothing or worst, and he won't keep her from the meaning of isolation.
I think everybody in HnG and even Hata agreed to Hayate's power of unluckiness. ^.^
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